H.E. Dr. Ali Rashid Al Noaimi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC).
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H.E. Dr. Ali Rashid Al Noaimi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC).
H.E. Dr. Ali Rashid Al Noaimi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC).
The event’s speaker roster includes leaders and decision-makers from ADEC, Finnish National Board of Education, Queen Rania Teacher Academy, Microsoft, and UNESCO

Bett, a leading global education technology exhibition and congress series, is poised to host a number of distinguished speakers from global organizations and regional governmental entities at its inaugural Bett Middle East Leadership Forum and Expo. The two-day event will take place at the InterContinental Abu Dhabi on April 6-7, 2016.

Hosted in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Education Council, the key speakers at the event will address various education innovation themes, such as the influence of game-changing EdTech (Education Technology) on the quality of education in the region, management of security risks in a digital learning environment, and improving standards of English and Arabic through digital language learning. Success stories will be discussed, and debates held on the key opportunities for the region’s education systems across K-12, Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training.

H.E. Dr. Ali Rashid Al Noaimi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) will present opening remarks on the first day, which will be followed by a case-study looking into ‘Human capital for transitioning to a sustainable, global knowledge economy’. This presentation will look at how the region can facilitate and implement an education system that is based on excellence and is dedicated to improving social values.

Microsoft, as a worldwide partner to Bett, will also deliver a keynote address on “Transforming Today to Achieve More Tomorrow”, which will be presented by Anthony Salcito, Vice President – Worldwide Education, Microsoft USA. In addition, an interactive keynote polling panel on Students, computers and learning will be chaired by Samer Abu Ltaif, Regional General Manager, Microsoft Gulf, and will use the OECD 2015 report as a basis to poll and discuss pertinent issues affecting the education sector.

Later in the event, Mohammed Gheyath, Director General, Mohammad Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program, Dubai, will deliver a speech discussing transforming educational systems and how applying world-class education can help students become strong future leaders. In addition, Faryal Khan, Programme Specialist (National Priority Research Program, Education for All, Sector-wide Policies and Planning), UNESCO Doha Office, will outline the Education 2030 initiative, highlighting the implications of applying the global framework for action in a regional context.

 Other notable speakers at the event include (in alphabetical order):
  • Aisha Murad, Chief, Scientific Research Development, Secretariat General of the Higher Education Council, Ministry of Education, Bahrain
  • Dinçer Ateş, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of National Education, Turkey
  • Faryal Khan, Programme Specialist (Education 2030, Sector-wide Policies and Planning; National Priority Research Program), UNESCO, Qatar
  • Marc Prensky, Founder and Executive Director, The Global Future Education Foundation and Institute, USA
  • Mohamed Yousif Baniyas, Executive Director Higher Education, Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), UAE‎
  • Nafez Dakkak, Director, Queen Rania Teacher Academy, Jordan
  • Philip Parham, British Ambassador to United Arab Emirates, British Embassy Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Saku Tuominen, Creative Director and Founder, SCOOL, Finland
  • Steve Wheeler, Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Information & Computer Technology, Plymouth Institute of Education (Faculty of Arts & Humanities), Plymouth University, UK

“The Middle East market, and especially the UAE, is unique in its high adoption of education technology in its learning environments. However, a gap for information and sharing best-practices still exists. The Bett Middle East Leadership Forum aims to bridge this gap by bringing key regional and global leaders from the education sector under one roof, and facilitating an information-rich knowledge-sharing platform for regional educators,” said Gordon Payne, Divisional Director, Bett Middle East, i2i Events.

The two-day event will feature morning keynote addresses, which include speeches, panel discussions, and interactive keynote panel discussions that will encourage participation from audience members. This will be followed by three simultaneously-running streams. On the first day, these streams will be themed around teacher training and professional development, and language, culture and content; while the second day will include 21st Century Skills, Higher Education and Vocational Education, and Leadership.

For further information, please visit: https://middleeast.bettshow.com/

For the full agenda, please visit: https://middleeast.bettshow.com/leadership-forum-agenda

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