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On February 6, 2017, the KHDA hosted the What Works Tolerance event at the Amity University in Dubai. Among the attendees were administrators, teachers, students, education providers and other influencers within the education community.

Over the years, the event has tackled trending and noteworthy topics that have added to a remarkable increase in support for the event. These events usually feature global education experts, sharing their knowledge on what works within the global education community.

Here are five of Teach Middle East Magazine’s top reasons why this event works for educators.

1. Amazing CPD opportunities

An important part of every teacher’s professional growth is receiving valuable training. What Works Dubai is rich with CPD and plenary sessions that are quite engaging, educational and thorough. The sessions are often conducted by education experts or outstanding educators who share tried and proven strategies that have made teaching and learning exciting for their students.

2. Networking at its best

In addition to meeting some of the best minds in education, the event allows educators to connect with their peers from the various schools in Dubai. Teachers are able to share ideas which in turn helps them to grow both professionally and personally. It is also a great platform for teachers to discuss important education resources and strategies, and to collaborate on projects. During the event, everyone is treated to healthy snacks, refreshments and lunch during the day.

3. Increased collaboration among schools

Most administrators will agree that What Works Dubai is essential to the process of collaboration among schools. The event promotes the sharing of innovative ideas, while highlighting the creativity, and in some cases, ingenuity of teachers and students. Administrators are able to witness firsthand, the work that is being done within other schools and walk away with fresh ideas on how they can either implement or improve upon the ideas that have been shared.

4. Excellence on display

Students attending the event are always eager and excited to talk about their projects, which are often quite brilliant. Their dedication to the various projects presented is obvious in the detailed explanation that they readily share. Instead of a feeling of competition among students, there is one of collaboration and friendship, as they meet with other students also presenting at the event. The excellent displays show a commitment to learning and is a reflection of educators who are driven and enjoy what they do.

5. The KHDA team is organised and efficient

There are many education conferences that take place throughout the UAE. At some of these conferences, attendees may mill about wondering where to go and what’s next. This is absolutely not the case at What Works Dubai. From registration to guidance on sessions, the KHDA team stays on top of ensuring that all players are in position and executing their role effectively. The KHDA team is usually congenial and helpful should you have questions. This is not surprising since Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Director General of KHDA leads by example. He is always attentive personable with his guests (all attendees).

Important Bonus: The event features key partners within the education sector that provide valuable resource materials to attendees. As a partner, Teach Middle East Magazine distributes hard copies of the magazine, interviews attendees and speakers, and collaborates with other education providers at the event on various projects.

Carolyn Lee