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The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) recently facilitated a collaboration between Libraries Without Borders and eduTechnoz to help Syrian children in Jordan benefit from Arabic lessons.
The two organisations, which are supported by the WISE Accelerator Programme, are now able to provide technologically innovative materials for Syrian children in Jordan to learn Arabic and gain increased literacy skills.
Libraries Without Borders developed the Ideas Box, a portable multi-media toolkit facilitating and strengthening access to non-formal education for vulnerable communities such as refugees; while eduTechnoz offered the game-based educational online resources for children to learn Arabic.
The collaboration facilitated by WISE, part of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), means the resources of both companies have now been deployed in Jordan: one in Azraq refugee camp and another in a community centre in Hashmi Shamali, Amman.
Since the end of March 2016, children aged 6-10 have been able to access eduTechnoz educational content, monitor their progress and collect badges through the Ideas Box.
Long-term crises, such as the conflict in Syria, have put the education of entire generations in danger, diminishing human capital crucial to rebuilding a war-torn country.
Children who experience violence and uncertainty at a young age must be given the means to obtain a sense of normality and happiness in their lives.
For these reasons, innovative, game-based education caters to both the educational and emotional needs of refugee children.
Libraries Without Borders and eduTechnoz decided to work together after their representatives met within the framework of the WISE Accelerator Programme, which offers opportunities for innovative education projects to scale up and extend their services.
The WISE facilitated project is now generating a meaningful impact for the most vulnerable children in need of help.
Giving children, especially those living in refugee camps or war zones, an opportunity to learn Arabic has been a priority for eduTechnoz, but the organisation has faced challenges in providing proper tablets and a reliable Internet connection.
Partnering with Libraries Without Borders provided a unique chance to bring children tangible education opportunities and to better serve disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Jordanian refugee camps and eventually elsewhere in the region.
This partnership combines the innovative Arab learning pedagogy of eduTechnoz with access to the latest technologies available on the education market provided by the Ideas Box.
“This partnership would not be possible if it was not for the Accelerator Programme organised by WISE. Thanks to such an opportunity, eduTechnoz and Libraries Without borders found a way to combine their expertise and learn from each other through building a collaboration that will support Syrian refugee children’s educational experiences,” said Diana al-Dajani, the founder and CEO of eduTechnoz.