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Saarah Munshi, a grade nine student at Jumeirah College, the winner of the GEMS Rewards programme logo design competition, has chosen Dar Al Ber Society to donate her AED10,000 prize money to. The Programme named JOOD, used her design as the basis for the logo.

She plans to direct the donation to the work Dar Al Ber Society is doing to support a dialysis patient in desperate need of funds. Dar Al Ber Society is a philanthropic and charitable organisation based in Dubai with a mission to provide the needy with humanitarian assistance.

Saarah said: “The plight of Mr Ahmed is something we as a family are very familiar with. My grandfather was a dialysis patient for the last six years of his life. I’m aware of the difficulties such patients face without access to the treatment which is exhausting and without having to worry about how to pay for it. I am hoping my donation will assist Mr Ahmed in his hour of need.”

The British student’s noble gesture reflects GEMS Education’s own values and also the effort to fulfil the ‘Year of Giving’ values endorsed by the UAE’s leadership. The rewards programme itself was launched in line with the ‘Year of Giving’ initiative with the objective of making school tuition cost-neutral for parents.


Saarah’s logo design conveys a futuristic and sophisticated look and feel. She used colours that were vibrant and fresh, using a style that was clear and easy to comprehend. Saarah explained: “A logo needs to be vibrant and colourful so I picked different colors to enhance the logo. I put all of them in triangular shapes and different angles to catch everyone’s attention.”

Commenting on this achievement, Mr O’Regan, Tutor, Jumeirah College, said: ‘Saarah is a student that makes the most of every opportunity available to her. She is a true leader in the class and is always looking for ways to support and help others. She volunteers her time for school activities and can always be relied upon to follow through on her commitments.”

Manav Fernandez, Senior Vice President, CRM and Customer Loyalty, GEMS Education, said: “We are proud of Saarah Munshi’s incredible gesture to help someone in such dire need of funds. Her generosity is a reflection of the GEMS Rewards programme, JOOD, which was created to provide families within the GEMS network with several benefits through brand partnerships in order to alleviate the increasing financial burden on parents. Saarah also exemplifies creativity by providing the seeds for what the final JOOD logo evolved into.”

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