Why Putting Staff First Can Be A Game-Changer In Schools with John Tomsett

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What happens when we prioritise and nurture school staff? John Tomsett argues that this is the key to student success. He proposes a shift in the education paradigm, where staff well-being is at the forefront of everything we do in schools. In this episode of the Teach Middle East Podcast. Leisa Grace speaks with John Tomsett about why putting staff first is a game-changer in schools.

BIO: John Tomsett taught for 33 years in state schools and was a teaching secondary headteacher for 18 years. He writes a blog called This Much I Know and has written extensively about school leadership. He has published nine books: Love Over Fear: Creating a Culture for Truly Great Teaching; Mind Over Matter: Improving Mental Health in our Schools; Putting Staff First: A Blueprint for Revitalising our
Schools (with Jonny Uttley); An Angler’s Journal; Cognitive Apprenticeship in Action (editor); Huh: Curriculum conversations between subject and senior leaders; Primary Huh: Curriculum conversations with subject leaders in primary schools; Primary Huh 2: Primary curriculum leadership conversations & SEND Huh: curriculum conversations with SEND leaders (all with Mary Myatt).

John is currently working on his next book with Mary, called Alternative Provision Huh: curriculum conversations with AP Leaders. He maintains that the best thing for our students is that our teachers are happy, healthy, well-qualified, highly motivated, hard-working, and well-trained experts; consequently, he believes we should put staff first. He is now engaged in supporting the next generation of school leaders and

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