Why Effective STEM Education Is More Important Now Than Ever With Suzanne Saraya

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On this episode of the Teach Middle East Podcast, we are talking all things STEM with Suzanne Saraya from Explorelearning. We discuss why STEM education is so important especially at his time. We talk about diversity in STEM and most importantly we discuss the upcoming STEM MENA Conference, Which is due to take place online on March 16-17.  Register at www.stemmena.com

Suzanne Saraya is the international Sales Manager for ExploreLearning, a Math and Science online educational products provider for the K-12 market.
Suzanne’s education background is in Astrophysics and she has been involved with international markets from the beginning of her career in Canada when she joined International Publishing and Development. She worked with various governments in North Africa and South America to support their global presence. She is now a frequent speaker at Canadian and International educational conferences. Prior to joining ExploreLearning in 2015, she served for 5 years on the Board of Trustees for the International School of Charlottesville, in Virginia, USA.

About Explorelearninghttps://www.explorelearning.com/

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