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The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you may think. One may argue that this question can be answered differently depending on whether or not you are referring to public or private schools.

While school owners or school directors, in the Middle East may continue to make decisions about core technology, buildings and general infrastructure such as windows and doors etc. teachers and school level employees are more involved than ever in choosing student-facing resources and technology—and those are the tools that educators continuously rely on to help create positive learning outcomes.

This shift has been taking place for sometime now as school owners are well aware that purchasing resources without the direct input of the school level employees is highly likely to result in the resources not being used properly, if at all.
Teachers, and heads of departments are making purchasing decisions on books, apps, curriculum and software which support students’ learning. You could be forgiven to think it was otherwise as traditionally, all purchasing used to be made by the top level school owners and leaders but a shift has certainly taken place.

From our experience teachers are really key. What we see increasingly is that administrators would not even deploy technologies without having support from the teachers.

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