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How will the educators of today shape the world of tomorrow? This pressing question lies at the heart of Growmore’s “Innovation in Education: Educators as the Architects of Change” Conference. Join us on a journey into the future of education at the Ritz Carlton DIFC in Dubai on November 21, 2023.

Growmore, an esteemed international learning innovation company, has been serving the Middle East since 2002. Renowned for its outstanding customer service, the company has established itself as a trusted learning management provider.

In response to the evolving education industry, Growmore has adeptly adapted, offering a range of services that encompass both traditional print materials and modern digital e-learning solutions. Through its extensive network of over 500 publishers and content providers, Growmore is adept at sourcing and customizing top-notch materials and solutions for educators in the region, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

The company specializes in providing learning solutions that align with the visions and needs of schools, universities, and other educational institutions. Growmore’s personalized approach is geared towards addressing the unique needs of learners, and the company is committed to offering premium services to enhance the overall learning experience.

Growmore’s team, comprising seasoned professionals with expertise in education, technology, the book industry, and business, excels in delivering services that surpass expectations. Fuelled by a commitment to excellence and a zeal for innovation, the company is dedicated to empowering educational institutions to achieve their goals and equipping learners with essential skills for success.

At its core, Growmore’s mission is to amalgamate people, ideas, practices, and technologies to enable educators and learners to reach their fullest potential.

This CPD Certified Professional Development Conference embodies Growmore’s vision to empower the educational architects of our time. With keynote speakers from the Queen Rania Teacher’s Academy and GEMS Education and panellists from leading academic institutions across the UAE and Kuwait, the conference promises to be a melting pot of ideas and insights.

The agenda is thoughtfully designed to challenge and inspire, addressing the most pressing educational challenges and opportunities through interactive panels. These discussions will not only spark innovation but will also offer strategies to enhance the well-being of educators and students alike.

By joining this event, you’ll connect with like-minded educators, thought leaders, and pioneers, all dedicated to sculpting the educational foundations for future generations. Together, we will navigate the new era of learning that awaits us.

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Let’s collaboratively envision and create the educational paradigms of the future.