What Most Schools Miss About Student Data

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Matthew Savage is a former school leader who is on a mission to help schools transform the way they use student data.
In this episode of the Teach Middle East Podcast, Leisa Grace and Matthew discuss how schools can rethink the way they collect, present and use student data on a day to day basis.
 Bio: Matthew loves data, and believes passionately in the need for a paradigm shift towards greater student agency and healthier student wellbeing. And he loves helping schools to join these dots – using student-level data to put #wellbeingfirst. With an MA in English Language and Literature from Oxford University, Matthew first spread his leadership wings in the UK state-maintained sector, before going global in 2010. Most recently Principal at an award-winning school in the Middle East, Matthew is now an internationally acclaimed educational consultant, providing bespoke training and consultancy to premium schools and groups across the globe, and an Associate Consultant with LSC Education, actively contributing to their leadership development and coaching programmes.

He has written and presented worldwide on #themonalisaeffect®, ensuring a ‘data triangle’ best meet the holistic needs of each individual student.

Whilst his clients herald from across the world, Matthew has enjoyed working with a number of premium schools in the Middle East in recent years. He has also acquired a global and impassioned voice on, and actively engages in critical conversations about, child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing, diversity and belonging, and is a member of the #deij team at ECIS. His first podcast series, The Data Conversation, launched to an international audience in June 2021.

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