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Monash Students
VISS provides student teacher programme as part of its strategic partnership with Monash

The Victoria International School of Sharjah (VISS) provided professional experience programs to student teachers from Monash University, one of Australia’s top-ranked universities and ranked sixth in the world in the field of education. This follows the recent collaboration between the two institutes for a wide-ranging partnership in educational areas of mutual interest.

The three week long program provided students to experience a variety of day-to-day activities which will form part of their future job – working in a classroom, talking with parents, being on yard duty and much more. The student teaching program at VISS offers the opportunity for students to implement the skills they’ve learned and add new experiences to their repertoire. Additionally, the program provides a realistic teaching environment which will prepare one as an educator, and strengthen the passion for teaching.

Jacqueline Mae Van Veenendaal, a student from Monash said, “Whilst culture can play a huge role in the academic performance of children, every lightbulb that goes off in the classroom whether it be tiny or enormous brings a child one step closer to success. I found that VISS especially highlights this in their perseverance to ensure every child receives a valuable education, catering to a diverse range of nationalities and cultures.”

Angela Watson, another Monash student, said, “The supportive teaching and learning environment made working at VISS a really rewarding and exciting time. The teachers, admin and IT Team especially assisted in a flawless three weeks. I enjoyed learning more about how ipads can be effectively integrated into a science classroom rather than just used as a support tool for googling etc.”

Mr Pyrah, Principal at VISS said: “VISS is a world-class provider of the very best in Australian and international education and we are proud to welcome Monash student teachers to experience teaching Australian curriculum in the Middle East. “We are fully committed to being a ‘centre of excellence’, and this partnership with Monash allows us to achieve our strategic goals and fulfil the vision of His Highness.

- VISS Media