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Summer for educators is a time of exploration, reconnection, relaxation and preparation. For expatriate teachers, there are added considerations such as travel, rekindling relationships and rediscovering places at home. All teachers, however, will agree that it can be a hectic time, which takes a toll on one’s health, especially in the weeks before the new term begins.

Here are a few health tips to keep in mind for the summer.

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Food & Drink
  1. Summer temperatures can soar and lead to dehydration. Drink lots of water.

  2. Some home cooking can be ‘deliciously sinful’. Do not overindulge. Maintain a healthy balanced diet, with lots of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Be careful where you eat out. Check restaurants for ratings (stars and points). As best as possible, ensure that food is handled properly. Food poisoning is rampant during the hot summer months.

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    Travel tips

    1. Don’t forget your vitamins!

    2. Get plenty of rest before, during and after travelling. Your immune system will thank you for this!

    3. Always have a few essential items of clothing along with other important items in your hand luggage.

    Fitness Matters

    1. No need to skip out on your fitness plan. Switch it up and exercise indoors.

    2. Do fun activities with friends such as dancing, indoor rock climbing and evening jogs, which are all great for staying in shape.

    3. Hit the pool for a swim or pool aerobics.

    young woman blowing her nose in the park Common summer illnesses
    1. Pay attention to sinus issues and asthma, which usually flare up during the summer.

    2. Remember to stay away from lactose if you are intolerant.
    3. Visit your family general practitioner for a check up. Also, make appointments with specialists that you may need to visit in your home country.

      1. Recharge your batteries by taking time to read, meditate and relax.

      2. Do things that make you laugh or feel happy. Surround yourself with people who love and support you.
      3. Revisit that hobby that you neglected during the busy academic year.

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