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Mathletics is a multi award-winning digital maths resource specifically designed for personalised teaching and learning.  Used by 3.3 million children across the world, it is proven to significantly increase levels of student engagement, confidence and motivation and to improve attainment and progress in maths from KS1 to KS4.

Students have access to a vast range of curriculum-aligned learning resources (activities, eBooks, a new ‘Multiverse’ times tables challenge and videos) providing them with all the tools they need to become successful learners. Age-appropriate learning spaces and exciting rewards motivate and captivate students while a traffic light system helps students drive their own learning through excellent visibility of progress and results.

For teachers, instant feedback, fully automated reports, simple customisation capabilities and the ‘Assign’ functionality allows teachers to schedule and plan ahead.  Mathletics’ content is flexible enough to be used in a variety of ways. Teachers can assign work for a single student, a group or a whole class based on results, enabling effective data driven teaching and learning.

Spellodrome is a digital literacy resource designed to provide sequenced and systematic instruction to improve spelling skill and retention.  A gamified learning experience helps captivate students, building automaticity, confidence and improving vocabulary retention. Curriculum aligned, pre-populated word lists for KS1 and KS2 are brought to life with highly original and engaging student games and activities, designed to encourage an independent approach to spelling.

Reading Eggs is a digital resource designed to help teach children how to read and develop a love of reading.  With hundreds of phonics and comprehension lessons, 2500+ levelled eBooks, creative writing areas, a teacher toolkit with lesson plans, plus spelling, punctuation and grammar games, Reading Eggs provides teachers with everything needed to nurture high literacy standards.

Mathseeds is a new digital maths resource, created specifically for the needs of early maths learners from Reception to Year 2. Built-in diagnostic assessment ensures children start at the right level and progress at their own rate on activities that provide both instruction and practice, helping to build their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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