Ola Khudair, Deputy CEO of Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAA).
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Ola Khudair, Deputy CEO of  Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAA).
Ola Khudair, Deputy CEO of Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAA).


Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance honours Abu Dhabi DED for its pioneering efforts in battling book piracy

The Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAA), the leader in combating piracy within the GCC region, recently honoured the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (DED) for its significant contributions in the battle against book piracy in the UAE. The AAA lauded the agency for implementing the Middle East region’s first ever campaign against book piracy. In recognition of these efforts, the AAA presented a special plaque of appreciation to the Abu Dhabi DED in a special meeting also attended by representatives of the publishing industry.

Abu Dhabi DED ran a successful campaign against book piracy across schools in Abu Dhabi, conducting inspections to see if pirated books were used in these schools. The inspections resulted in the discovery and seizure of pirated books that were in violation of the UAE copyright law.

Ola Khudair, Deputy CEO, Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAA), said: “We commend the Abu Dhabi Government for acting strongly on our call for measures against book piracy, particularly being the first time ever in the middle east for actions directly at the schools. The Abu Dhabi DED’s initiative to combine cooperation with Abu Dhabi Educational Council, in particular reflects the emphasis placed by the government in finding solutions to this growing social and economic threat. The degraded quality of the pirated books severely affects the students’ ability to maintain the text books for an average life period during the term, as well put unwanted burden on the parents to repeatedly buy the books. The Publishers put in lot of efforts to develop content of text books and pirates steal these text books without any return to the Publishers for investing into the development of the text books.”

Emma House, Director of Publisher Relations, The Publishers Association (PA) UK.
Emma House, Director of Publisher Relations, The Publishers Association (PA) UK.

Emma House, Director of Publisher Relations, The Publishers Association (PA) UK, “The PA and its publisher members are very grateful to the Abu Dhabi DED and the Abu Dhabi Education Council for their support in combating book piracy. The recent initiative of conducting school inspections ensures that schools and students are aware of the fact that pirated books are poor in quality and violate UAE copyright laws. The protection of copyright also ensures that publishers are able to continue producing quality educational products in the region at fair and affordable prices without unfair competition from illegal sellers. Rest assured, PA’s publisher members and its anti-piracy teams will continue to work with the local authorities and the AAA to ensure that their aims are met.”

The Dubai-based Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance is dedicated to curbing piracy in the Middle East region through the implementation of a comprehensive anti-piracy program that includes strategic activities like public awareness campaigns, aggressive lobbying and legal action against IPR offenders. The Alliance, which evolved from the anti-piracy program established by the Motion Picture Association in 1996, currently has full time operations in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, where its Operations Managers closely coordinate with governments to safeguard against copyright and trademark infringements.

The Publishers Association (PA) is the leading trade organisation serving book, journal, audio and electronic publishers in the UK.

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