UAE Ministry of Education launches largest training programme for teachers and school leaders

Planning session.
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Programme targets 12,000 teachers and school leaders

The programme will be launched on Monday, August 22, 2016 with the aim of offering specialised training to teachers. It is hoped that this programme will help in advancing the education system in place in the UAE, making it regionally and globally in line with education systems of the world.

According to Sheikha Al Qassimi, she hopes that the ‘specialised training contributes to systemic opportunities for continuing education and development of teachers’ skills set.’ She notes that the application of modern teaching methods and the use of technology can enhance teachers’ performance, making them more efficient – resulting in quality output at all levels of education.

“The adoption and implementation of such training programmes are a result of a paradigm shift that has occurred in the role of the teacher. Teaching and tasks are no longer limited to a single skill or particular style. Teaching now requires a diversification of teaching methods. It has become necessary for a teacher to be the source of knowledge and inspiration for students,” stated Ms Qassimi.

Director of Training and Professional Development at the Ministry of Education, Khawla Al Hosni has prepared numerous packages, which will be distributed to teachers at the training sessions. Participants will include teachers, curriculum planning experts, education experts and specialists who will brainstorm and engage in other meaningful activities geared at maintaining and further improving international standards of teaching and learning in the UAE.

– UAE MOE Media