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Boulders Beach @ Sunset

This is dedicated to all the August 2014 EMT hopefuls….

This week, I am sharing my blog through poetry. I enjoy writing. I believe this is the best way for me to describe all the emotions that go into transitioning from one place to another. Some of you may be encountering different experiences as we forge ahead on this new path. The truth of the matter is that we are all going because we want to teach and make a difference in the lives of students. There are those who have embarked on this journey before, but for others, this is a very new experience. At least for me it is, but I am forever grateful and I feel truly blessed.

A Transition…

Some days it’s sunny, others days it’s a haze

with all the planning and packing, we don’t have long, just merely a few days!

Some of us are joyful, apprehensive, excited, grateful, or even a little sad,

happy, busy, and some days even a little mad; not mad because of the journey

but for those we will leave behind

We have to stay prayerful; keep special memories in our hearts and our minds

We were chosen; we have a job to do

to the students, faculty, new friends and family we gain, we must be true

It will not be easy every day,

but the experience will be rewarding more than words can say!

About PreSha Barnes

PreSha Barnes has been an educator for the past seven (7) years and will be embarking on her journey with her family to the UAE in August, 2014. She enjoys teaching but what really makes her tick is writing and sharing her work with others.