Transforming Safeguarding In Education-Learning The Lessons With Martin Baker and Mike Glanville

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In this episode of the Teach Middle East Podcast, we speak with Martin Baker and Mike Glanville. We discuss how to transform safeguarding in education. We highlight the lessons that need to be learned in order to keep children safe in schools.  This conversation is one that every educator and school leader need to listen to and pay keen attention to.  

Mike and Martin have recently written a book on safeguarding:

‘LESSONS WILL BE LEARNED’ Transforming Safeguarding in Education By Martin Baker and Mike Glanville 

Lessons Will Be Learned is the only book of its kind, wholly focused on strategic safeguarding in education. This unique book combines the authors’ 75+ years of experience in child protection, safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults, into a digestible and easy to read format.

Lessons Will Be Learned: Transforming Safeguarding in Education is available to purchase on Amazon from the 25th of May.

Martin Baker QPM
 is the CEO of One Team Logic – The Safeguarding Company, the makers of the Queen’s Award-winning safeguarding software, MyConcern®.  Martin is a former Chief Constable of Dorset and during his policing career, he served in five police forces across England and Wales.  He is an experienced school governor and is currently a director of a Multi-Academy Trust.

Mike Glanville is the Chief Safeguarding Officer at One Team Logic – The Safeguarding Company.  He also had a varied career in policing, ultimately as a chief police officer.  Mike is regularly invited to speak at national and international conferences and events to share his safeguarding expertise. He too is an experienced school governor and has been a Chair of Governors for over 10 years.

Lessons Will Be Learned, Transforming safeguarding in education, written by Martin Baker and Mike Glanville, will be published by Practical Inspiration Publishing on 25 May 2021.  

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