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10.  Meet top education publishers and browse resources available to use at your school.

  1. Have a free lunch!
  1. Learn about the Next Generation Science Standards; the future of teaching science in the States.
  1. Listen to two former US Commissioners of Education discuss the implementation of the Common Core in their states.
  1. Learn about improving your school climate and culture.
  1. Listen to Barb Golub, expert in English Language Arts instruction, deliver a keynote speech entitled “Raising Awareness on the Diversity of Language,” and attend her enlightening workshops.
  1. Listen to Dr. Cory Bennett, expert in Math instruction, present his keynote entitled “Mathematical Understanding: A Focus on Student Thinking,” and attend his informative workshops.
  1. Increase your level of instruction and get better results from your students.
  1. Collaborate on pedagogy, curriculum, resources, and lessons with experts and hundreds of education professionals.
  1. Meet Alison Burrows and Kevin Simpson, managing directors of KDSL, international education consultants, and founders of the MENA Common Core Conference.