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Snapshot of the Desert Botanical Gardens here in Phoenix. My daughter and I went to see the Chihuly exhibit there this weekend — pretty awesome stuff.

I’m closing out the school year like I always do. While I’m going through the motions, I am not the same person I was just a few months ago.  I love this time of year.  There’s Mother’s Day, my birthday, the last day of work, and woo hoo, the first day of summer break.  It’s normally all about celebrating me and my much-needed free time.

Up until this weekend I’ve totally been my yee-haw-it’s-almost-over self, but then it hit me that oh wow, this is the beginning of my goodbyes.

My first adios came from my tax accountant when I emailed him to see if I could still use his services while overseas.  His response was:  “You’ll have to get someone else.  It’s been nice talking to you.”

I joked about how I just got dumped and that I’d be looking for a new accountant with a brand new, more expensive calculator.  But, just like that, the guy whose been whipping out my refunds is gone.

Then I spent the weekend rummaging through old photos with my daughter. My youngest will graduate next weekend, and, of course, we were looking for the humiliating baby shots to show off to his buddies. Just a few days ago, I was boasting about how much living I’m going to do without having to worry about my children.  Now, I miss the little buggers.  For the first time ever I got nostalgic over loaded diapers and bulky strollers.

Luckily, before I could get misty eyed, my daughter opened the wedding album.

“OMG you were so skinny,”she says. “You’re anorexic compared to the way you are now.”

I kindly reminded her that she has my figure and that she too will one day have my current physique.  That shut her up and got me back to appreciating my upcoming kid-less life.

The exclamation point to the new me came early Monday morning when I went to a meeting about how this year’s data is being used to mold next year’s activities.  I didn’t have to go but I wanted to (which is so unlike me). I almost cried at the test scores being shared. Not because they were poor grades, but I realized that I won’t be there to help out with next year’s objectives.

Hello? I’m getting choked up over numbers and objectives.

The good news is I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of data for me to blubber about and get attached to in Abu Dhabi!  I also sense that I’ll be my old chipper self-planning for next year’s summer break. Until then, I’m trying to fit into my old world while anticipating the new.