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The Ministry of Education launches “Hello School” Initiative this year titled “Kafu”, conveying the message of gratitude and appreciation to the workforce employed by the education sector, coinciding with the start of the new academic year 2019-2020. The initiative targets teachers, administrators, students and parents across the United Arab Emirates.

The ministry aims through this initiative at welcoming everyone in the education sector distinctively. The title of this year’s initiative “Kafu” focuses on honouring all forces in the education system, spreading positivity and happiness along all Emirati Schools and motivating everyone to start a new academic year with devotion and creativity, which will reflect positively on the development of the education system in the country and its outcomes.

“Hello School” Initiative offers a diverse number of educational, social and entertaining activities that will be implemented in all Emirati Schools across the country, as well as competitions that will be implemented through the Ministry’s social media platforms. All the activities put in place were designed to achieve a positive, interesting and stimulating learning environment amongst the education sector. All activities and events will be implemented in schools on the first day of the academic year, targeting all cycles and taking into consideration the students’ interest levels.

Commenting on the importance of the initiative and its objectives, Her Excellency Jameela Al Muhairi, Minister of State for Public Education, emphasized that this year’s initiative, titled “Kafu”, targets various educational goals and objectives, focusing on human values that originate from the traditions and culture of the UAE that reflect appreciation and respect to one another. The title of this year’s “Hello School” Initiative is derived from the word “Kafu” in the Emirati dialect, which is used to express gratitude and appreciation and respect in the UAE community, spreading positive values between individuals.

HE Jameela Al Muhairi

Her Excellency added that the Ministry of Education is keen on welcoming the educational workforce this academic year by spreading positive messages among the school community, paving the way to achieve mental preparations at high levels and increasing the enthusiasm for learning, especially after the long summer break, thus breaking any barriers that may face the education system and providing a stimulating educational environment for an exceptional, encouraging, unusual and inspiring start of the new academic year.

Al Muhairi also stated that the ministry is aiming through the initiative to promote patterns of human harmony and respect to one another and spread the values of tolerance and respect between the students and the education system, based on ethical and societal concepts of great value, positioning positive thinking as the key and the main pillar in dealing with each other and promoting positivity for effective communication and human and intellectual exchange as a stepping stone, upon which to build an open, continuous, positive and constructive school community.

Also, Her Excellency confirmed that the Ministry of Education started the preparations for the new academic year 2019-2020 with a series of guidelines, initiatives and programs, taking into consideration the importance of developing the educational environment to make schools more attractive to students and staff. She added that the ministry is keen to help teachers achieve their educational objectives and assist them in play their role as educators through training them, in order to improve the personal and professional skills of teachers and administrators.

Moreover, she explained that the preparations also included the development of the infrastructure of schools, especially in relation to scientific and technical laboratories, resource rooms and activities so that all school facilities are highly prepared to receive students and accommodate the technical transformations that the schools will witness in the next phase.

Al Muhairi added that by the beginning of every academic year, the ministry works on transforming the school environment to embrace students’ creativity and their talents and all related activities through implementing scientific study plans that contribute to modern teaching methods that open wide horizons to help students interact in the classroom, while contributing to promoting the process of self and group learning.

Lastly, Her Excellency emphasized that the preparations for the new academic year include all aspects and matters related to the educational process and not limited to a particular aspect, in terms of human cadres, educational environment and curricula, pointing out that achieving global competitiveness in the education sector, in line with the country’s Vision 2021 and its Centennial 2071 and the wise leadership’s aspirations and guidance, requires continuous work and positive change and concentrated efforts of all institutional and community members, including parents, as well as the teacher’s dedication in the classroom, focusing on creativity and innovation that serve the students’ interest and provide a better education for the nation.