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Students from across the Middle East participated in the second annual Mangahigh and Teach Middle East, Maths Ninja Challenge. The competition which ran from March 11th– 22nd ,2018 saw a 35% increase in the number of schools participating in the competition over last year. 17,000 students participated of which 1,243 won individual medals.

First Place winners were The Westminster School, Dubai, second place went to Dubai Gems Private School, while the third place winner was Ajyal Al Maarefah International School in Saudi Arabia.

Mangahigh is one of the world’s first Game-Based Learning sites, where students learn Mathematics via purpose-built casual games that balance fun and learning. Mangahigh is aimed at students aged 5-16. Since activities adapt to the level of understanding, Mangahigh can be used effectively by both struggling and high flying students.

What are schools saying about The Middle East Maths Ninja Challenge and Mangahigh? 

The Westminster School, Dubai

“ We are delighted to be the reigning Mangahigh Middle East Maths Ninja Challenge winners. Our staff and students have worked hard and we are very proud of them” Last year we were second place winners and this year we took the top spot. Our students have excelled and have had fun at the same time. We look forward to retaining the top spot next year”.

Dubai Gem Private School


“Mangahigh  offers  one  of  the  best  online  platforms  for  students  to  practice  Mathematics,  with  best  possible  animations,  games,  challenging  questions  right  from  Foundation  stage  to  KS5”.

“The  students  of  Dubai  Gem  Private  School have  been  using  Mangahigh  for  the  last  two  years  and  seen real growth in their numeracy skills.  Every  year  students  enthusiastically  participate  in The Middle East Maths Ninja Challenge with great success, we are delighted to be the second place winner this year”.


Amity School

“Students at Amity school love to learn mathematics with Mangahigh and they enjoyed taking part in the Maths Ninja Challenge, as it was learning and fun all rolled into one”.

Al Ameen Private School

“ Mangahigh makes Learning fun for students. It helps to dispel the fear of mathematics and motivates students to learn”.

“Mangahigh can be used as a great starter or plenary activity and is already differentiated, that is why we as teachers of mathematics love it”.

Raha International School

“At Raha International School, we have enjoyed working with Mangahigh and participating in the Middle East Maths Ninja Challenge, our students find it to be fun and engaging but above all the content of the games is tied to the curriculum and compliments what is being studied in class very well”

The Sheffield Private School

“At  The  Sheffield  Private  School,  the  Mangahigh  Maths Ninja Challenge has helped to  increase the students’  enthusiasm for mathematics, The students find the games quite thrilling. We  are  very  proud  of  our  students’ performance in the challenge, we look forward to them rising the ranks from seventh place to the top three in the near future”

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