The Delicate Balance: Trust, Well-being and Leadership in Education With Jan Taylor

Teach Middle East Podcast Season 4

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Jan Taylor, an accomplished education consultant and former school leader, shares her wisdom with us. This episode is a treasure trove of advice on how to strike a work-life balance, the significance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and the often-overlooked aspect of self-care for educators. Jan, with her rich experience, challenges the convention of an always open-door policy, advocating instead for a balanced approach to it.

The episode concludes with an emphasis on the well-being of school leaders. Jan underlines the importance of reflection, averting burnout and how accessing coaching and mentoring services can amplify the benefits of leadership roles.

Bio: Jan has served in education for over 20 years and has experience working in a range of leadership roles.  As Head Teacher of an outstanding primary school, she led the school to become one of the highest-achieving primary schools in England.   After leaving headship several years ago, she followed her passion for developing others with a specific focus on new and aspiring leaders. 

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