Teacher helping students in classroom
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Teacher helping students in classroom
Teacher helping students in classroom

One of the major challenges all teachers have, especially educators who have a wandering spirit, and are truly creative at heart, is having to repeat the same content year after year – day in, day out. It’s not an easy feat. How do you keep your students and yourself excited in the classroom? Below are a few ideas to keep in mind.

Don’t fall into the cookie cutter trap

We might be teaching the same content, but the good news is that we are delivering our lesson to different groups of students. It’s safe to say that each class is a completely new adventure. School shouldn’t be a cookie cutter system. Every student has a different story to tell, different learning challenges, and a unique learning style. Personalized learning is key to success. Our lesson delivery can never quite be the same because we’re teaching students who are individuals.

Collaboration is important

Encourage collaboration, design lesson plans that include activities, group projects, outings and competitions. This goes a long way in making a student’s school life more exciting and fun. During the process, you will also realise just how exciting teaching becomes for you as well. Looking at a class full of students working together – is the buzz every teacher longs for.

Cut, copy, paste? I think not

If we are not passionate about the content that we are teaching, students will sense that. Look at your lesson plans. Are you still going through the same tattered papers and flipping through files you’ve had for a couple of years now? Can you even remember the last time you added new content? Fellow educators – if this is the rut that you are in, it’s important for you to understand that you have the power and obligation to make a change. Every semester, plan new content and add new activities. Prepare yourself by collaborating with other educators from all over the globe and learn new teaching techniques.

Give it your best shot

Walk in for your next lesson and treat it like it was your last. Give your absolute best. Remember that each lesson shared, can spark something special in a student. It might be a game-changer. The quicker you understand this, the faster you’ll appreciate how blessed you are to be given the opportunity to call yourself a teacher.


Mastering the art of teaching is an on-going process. There’s no final chapter. Teaching is a very special skill. Our mission to ignite learning and pass on valuable knowledge and a love for education; is a gift that keeps on giving. Happy Teaching!


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