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As schools across the UAE prepare to reopen in September, the Arbor School has confirmed it will be able to accommodate 100% of its students within the classroom and unique learning spaces on their wonderful campus. The school leaders have carried out meticulous operational and academic preparations to ensure the health, safety and security of its students and teachers. 

The school’s objectives during and after re-opening are to protect, preserve and evolve, with a focus on managing the degree of contact between adults and students, optimising learning and prioritising hygiene across the campus. The Arbor School aims to return to the full Arbor experience following reopening, prioritising student wellbeing and re-establishing routines and expectations which may have become unfamiliar over the previous months. The Arbor School will continue to deliver an education which is rich in the concepts of eco-literacy and illustrating the connection between nature and the inter-dependencies with life systems.

The school’s large flexible spaces will ensure the students are learning in a safe and secure environment, whilst still accessing the climate-controlled biodomes and learning gardens.

Commenting on the re-opening of The Arbor School, Brett Girven, Principal said: “We are thrilled to be able to welcome back all of our students in September for the new academic year after what has been an exceptional few months for students, parents and faculty alike. At Arbor, we remain focused on two elements – operationally; making sure we are safe, hygienic and secure and academically; focusing on the things that make Arbor Arbor: the concepts of eco-literacy, environmental sustainability and global environmental justice which is brought to life through authentic project-based learning experiences for our children.”