TeachMeNow: Personalised Learning, Anytime, Anywhere

When the student is ready the teacher appears.

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Gone are the days of waiting until you get to school to learn and excel in any subject. Today’s learners demand flexibility and personalisation in their learning.

Personalised learning leads to increased productivity. By understanding the needs of each student, teachers or mentors can target the areas that require focus. This means material that is already familiar can be skipped and more time is spent on those topics and areas that are proving to be challenging.

Personalised learning has not always been easily achievable, until now.

Introducing TeachMeNow.

TeachMeNow is an innovative online mentoring platform that connects students with qualified mentors from across the world. This is truly personalised learning at its best. Keep reading to find out more.

The platform

The TeachMeNow platform is a global marketplace where students connect with learning mentors at their own convenience.

A platform cannot claim to offer personalised learning unless it is flexible. TeachMeNow puts flexibility at the heart of its platform. Students can have one to one sessions with a verified mentor. This allows them to go in-depth with their learning and address any gaps which may be present. Having a mentor who understands their needs and works to address them, is one of the most effective ways to plug gaps in learning.

There is also the flexibility to take part in group sessions and benefit from the exchange of knowledge and expertise that comes with collaborative group work.

Students who are looking for a more structured programme of study can benefit from taking one of the many specialised online courses being offered on the platform. These courses are either live or pre-recorded in a broad range of innovative topics.

The TeachMeNow dashboard is easy to use and comprehensive. It is intuitive and user-friendly design makes it a breeze to navigate. You can easily access user statistics, as well as make bookings.  Mentors can also easily view their activity and earnings all from one easy to access dashboard.

The TeachMeNow platform offers you the opportunity to learn from mentors from all over the world. It is enhanced with currency capabilities to support regional customisations.


TeachMeNow is designed to provide personalised learning to students from K-12 as well as adult learners. Sessions are offered on all core curriculum subjects like mathematics, the arts and sciences. There are also specialised courses on offer in subjects such as coding, graphic design, artificial intelligence, film making and leadership. 

Qualified Mentors

What makes TeachMeNow stand head and shoulders above others, is the quality of its mentors. Every mentor on the platform is of the highest calibre. Mentors are vetted to ensure that their experience, curriculum knowledge and pedagogy is second to none. Every mentor boasts years of teaching experience and is currently teaching in some of the top schools around the world (Click here if you would like to become a TeachMeNow Mentor).

Learners can select mentors based on location, curriculum, price, and popularity. The e-wallet allows easy top-up of funds by students.


TeachMeNow takes safeguarding seriously, that is why every mentor is vetted to ensure that all the students are in safe hands. Mentors are verified during the onboarding process and communication on the platform is regularly monitored.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about TeachMeNow email Administrator@teachmenow.com or visit www.teachmenow.com