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As we bid farewell to this school year, we bring you articles that help you to end on a high note. For those educators leaving the region this year we bring you articles, which we hope will help you to prepare for success in your new school, home or country.

Our Featured School, Dubai College, which has enjoyed over thirty-eight years of existence and is ranked at the top, among the best schools in Dubai, opens its doors to give us all a glimpse into how they prepare their students to earn places at top universities worldwide.

As Ramadan approaches, we explore the topics that will help you to understand and develop a deep respect for the holy month. We share with you advice on how to interact with your students inside the classroom, as well as important things you should be aware of outside the school environment during this time. Summer promises to be an exciting time in which we reconnect with family and friends, explore new places and for those of us who enjoy the beach, soak up the sun. Remember to keep in mind that protection against harmful UV rays is crucial each step of the way.