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This short and fun quiz is designed to test our Teach Middle East Magazine readers to see how well you have been reading our magazine and following education news since the start of 2016.

If you kept abreast of all that went down in 2016, this quiz should be super easy for you. If you don’t know at least ten correct answers, then you need to catch up!

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Good luck and thanks for joining in the fun!

1. On the “What to look for in 2016” Infographic in the Jan.-Feb. 2016 issue of the magazine, what are the three places suggested for a quick getaway?

A. Oman, Fujairah and Dubai
B. Fujairah, Ajman and Turkey
C. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah

2. Teach Middle East Magazine publishes ____________________________ number of issues annually.

3. Place the following Featured Teachers in the issue they appeared in by selecting the correct order of dates below: Malachy McGrogan, Richard Henwood, and Suma Koshy.

A. May-Jun. 2016, Sep.-Oct. 2016 and Jan.-Feb. 2016,

B. Sep.-Oct. 2016, May-Jun. 2016, and Jan.-Feb. 2016

C. Jan.-Feb. 2016, Sep.-Oct. 2016 and May-Jun. 2016

4. What is the new education legislation that has been implemented in the UAE that will affect all teachers?


Clue: Expat teachers, you may have already done this in your home country.

5. What’s the full name for the event held in Dubai at which the Global Teacher Prize Winner is announced? ___________________________________

6. What is the name of the UAE’s Minister of Education?

A. HE Dr Abdulla Al Karam  B. HE Hussein Al Hammadi  C. HE Amal Al Qabaisi

7. What is the name of the Teach Middle East Magazine’s Leisure columnist?


8. 2016 has been dubbed as:

A. The Year of Reading  B. The Year of Innovation   C. Journey to Discovery

9. What is the name of the Teach Middle East Magazine’s columnist/ coach who offers personal development tips to teachers?


10. Name the Teach Middle East Magazine travel feature that provides teachers with quick snapshots of places to visit.

A. Expat Travel  B. Travel Snapshots  C. Travel Featured

11. Name two of the teacher blogs hosted on the Teach Middle East website.

A. _____________________  B. ________________________________

12. What is the name of the Teach Middle East Magazine column that provides teachers with tips about the staffroom and coping at school?

A. Sharing Good Practice   B. News from School    C. Inside the Staffroom

13. Name the five schools that have been featured this academic year as Featured Schools in Teach Middle East Magazine in the order that they were featured.

A. ____________________

B. _____________________

C. ______________________

D. ______________________

E. _______________________

14. The Teach Middle East Magazine Vox Pop interview that allows teachers, parents and students to share their ideas on a particular issue is called __________________________________.

15. Name six Teach Middle East Magazine Contributors and the titles for their columns. Select 3 for Class Time and 3 for After the Bell.

A. _________________________

B. _________________________

C. _________________________

D. _________________________

E. _________________________

F. _________________________

16. Bonus Throwback Item: What is the name of the teacher who graced the cover of the very first issue of Teach UAE Magazine (now Teach Middle East Magazine)? __________________________________