Teach Middle East Magazine Sep-Dec 2022 Issue 1 Volume 10

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“If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success”.

James Cameron

Welcome to the 2022-2023 academic year. I like to start everything I do with gratitude, so I will not wait until the end of this message to thank everyone for reading. In a time and era where there is so much content on the internet to consume, the fact that you chose to be reading these words right now makes me very grateful to you. Thank you.

We are officially in volume 10 of the Teach Middle East Magazine. The number 10 is such a significant number. It represents wholeness; it shows longevity. If a magazine can stand the test of time and last a decade, it speaks volumes about the readers and publishers of this great magazine and platform for educators.

It is you, the educators, who continue to read the magazine and the educators who continue to write and share their expertise that makes this work possible. Every call, email, text and shout-out online give us the strength to continue this great work. This platform started with one aim: to connect, develop and empower educators and long may it continue.

As the quote above states, set high goals so that if you fail, you will fail above everyone else. With this in mind, we at Teach Middle East have set a very lofty goal. Our goal is to reach out to all educators across the Middle East. We intend to do this through our magazine, podcast and catalogue of education conferences and events. Below are a few events we have coming up this academic year, so please mark your calendars.

  • The STEM MENA Conference and Awards – November 12, 2022, in Dubai
  • The Middle East School Leadership Conference February 22-23, 2023

For all our event details, please check this page: https://teachmiddleeastmag.com/events/category/cpd-events/, and follow us on social media. The links will be at the end of this message.

In this issue, we have something for every educator. Our writers have pulled out all the stops to bring you articles to satisfy your professional and personal development needs. Want to know how to set up a successful E-sports programme in your school? Keep reading to learn more. We also take you to the Sharjah Education Academy, where you meet the amazing women transforming education in that emirate.

You are certainly missing out if you have not listened to the Teach Middle East Podcast. Every week I interview educators from all across the region and beyond who are doing amazing things in the field. Click this link to listen now: https://teachmiddleeastmag.com/podcast/ or search for the Teach Middle East Podcast on all major podcast platforms.

Like I always say, the best conversations occur online with like-minded educators, so join us. Follow Teach Middle East on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

Set and achieve high goals this academic year!

All the best.

Leisa Grace Wilson

Editorial Director

Teach Middle East Magazine

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