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Let’s Talk Teacher Burnout with Neil Thomas

According to, 75% of teaching and education staff said they have experienced a variety of stress symptoms in the last two years; 

 Almost one in five (19%) said they had experienced panic attacks

Over half (56%) had suffered from insomnia and difficulties sleeping

Over a third (41%) had experienced difficulty concentrating

Teacher burnout is not simply the result of being overworked and underpaid. It can be the result of prolonged stress.

We speak with Neil Thomas about teacher burnout. Neil speaks from his experience as a teacher and school leader about dealing with burnout. He gives tips on how to spot it and he also offers ideas on how to handle it. Let’s dive in. 

A teacher with over 14 years of teaching and leadership experience both in the UK and internationally, He is now working as an educational consultant. Having been affected by burnout, he decided to return to the UK to find a better work-life balance and recuperate both mentally and physically.

listeners/readers can find Neil at the following addresses:

Twitter: @NeilThomasEdu 

LinkedIn: Neil Thomas

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