Strategies for Continuous Professional Development With Matt Tiplin

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Have you ever wondered how to truly empower teachers in an ever-evolving educational landscape? Join Leisa Grace Wilson on the Teach Middle East podcast as she sits down with Matt Tiplin, Vice President at ONVU Learning. In this compelling episode, they uncover key strategies for continuous teacher development that align with both personal and professional aspirations, creating a vibrant and effective learning environment for students. Matt shares his insights on guiding teachers toward focused, bite-sized professional learning, providing relevant information without overwhelming them.

Reflecting on her own journey as a novice teacher and in leadership roles, Leisa highlights the trials and triumphs of teacher training, from ineffective, unguided observations to the pitfalls of one-size-fits-all assessment strategies. Together, they emphasise the necessity of tailored, consultative approaches, ongoing support, and follow-up. They delve into whole-staff inset sessions and the importance of actions taken afterwards, offering practical steps for integrating professional development into a school’s structured plan. 

Finally, they tackle the often overlooked aspect of teacher self-care and personal development, advocating for a balanced approach that enriches professional skills and personal growth. Packed with inspiration and practical strategies, this episode will transform your approach to teacher development. Tune in and be inspired!

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