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Educators have already started the count down to the highly anticipated summer break. Plans for catching up with family and friends, travelling and discovering new places, and trying out new activities are on many lists of what to do this summer. We want to ensure that all our teachers who will be returning to the Middle East are healthy, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the next school year. Below are a few reminders on how to enjoy the summer while taking care of your health.

Plan a schedule: Yes, this is the last thing most teachers want to do. Yet, it is an effective way to manage your time this summer. Whether you are travelling back home to visit loved ones or heading to a different country for some fun, sun and exploration, poor time management can turn a fun vacation into a stressful time. Nobody wants that. Avoid unnecessary stress by creating a schedule of what you would like to do. Always timetable some down time where you can just chill. Feel free to edit your schedule even while on vacation. The aim of the schedule is for you to have a working idea of what you need to prioritise.

Don’t get overly zealous: Summer is the time for having fun and trying new activities. However, it is important that you remember and respect your limitations. For example, if you have problems with your knees, don’t get overly zealous with activities that could exacerbate the problem. Always ensure that you have the right dosages of the medications that you need to stay healthy. Don’t go crazy with all the delicious meals from home that you have missed. Food poisoning is real. Pay attention to your allergies.

Be budget savvy: Dinner dates, group activities, travel expenses and more all add up. Additionally, some of the products that were hard to find in the Middle East are now easily accessible. Remember to keep your budget tight. During the summer, our budgets usually take a hit. Make sure your budget includes allowances for the things that you will need from wherever you are travelling to. Before making an unplanned purchase, ask yourself if you NEED it. Having money woes during or towards the end of summer is stressful.

Exercise: Don’t slack off because it is summer. Ensure that you exercise both physically and mentally during the break. Include physical and mental workouts during the summer. A healthy body and mind are important to overall wellness. A healthy body and a sick mind (vice versa) will not be of benefit to you. Indulge, but remember your fitness routines. Learn something new and slightly challenging to tease your mind. Maintain a positive outlook. Balance is important.

Finally, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world this summer, be alert. A lot may have changed since you last visited your home country. Each new country that you visit has its own set of problems. Even though the summer is for fun and relaxation, awareness is necessary for your safety and that of those around you. Don’t break the law or enable others to do so. Your overall wellbeing depends on it. Ignorance is not an excuse, especially for teachers.

By: Carolyn Lee