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Packaging a box

Have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night for a glass of water? You are half asleep with squinted eyes, so that you can filter your way through the darkness of your home. You just want to get your water, take a few cool sips, and go back to bed. As you shuffle towards the refrigerator, wham! You stub your toe, which immediately awakens you from your sleepwalking. You grab your toe, hopping around like you’ve created a new dance craze. You flick on the lights and you then see the culprit. It’s a box. Not only one, but big brown towers that give you the illusion that you have your own courier business inside your home.

When this happened, I knew it was time to get storage. It was either the boxes or I. Added to this; our indoor was beginning to look like an obstacle course for our two year old. Stumbling over boxes in the middle of the night was the ‘wake-up’ call I needed to expedite the process of looking into a suitable storage unit for our stuff.  After all, we don’t want to pay a visit to the emergency room.

We began the storage hunt around 10 am, the next morning. The manager at the first storage facility,  was very frank. He rambled about the high number of robberies they have had in the past month, and added their tremendous high prices. That was definitely a “no go.” Next, we met a nice lady at another storage facility that wanted nearly one hundred dollars for the smallest unit. Stepping inside the confined space reminded me of a matchbox. No lights, and quite stuffy. We thanked her for her kindness and made a quick exodus. The last storage facility we went to felt like that perfect pair of shoes waiting just for you. It was just perfect! This place had maximum security, great hours and was a mere fifteen minutes away from our home. Another plus for us… it cost only fifty dollars!

Enjoy your new home, boxes!