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The Sharjah Private Education Authority’s Itqan programme has recently released its school performance rankings for this year, and the results are impressive.

Topping the list is Gems Education Millennium Private School, which has been awarded the coveted ‘outstanding’ rating. Nine other schools also shone brightly, earning the ‘very good’ rating. A further 44 schools were rated ‘good’, 53 were deemed ‘acceptable’, and only three were marked as ‘weak’. Thankfully, no school fell into the ‘very weak’ category.

The Itqan programme evaluated 110 out of the 127 private schools in Sharjah, which together educate a whopping 181,175 students, including 21,995 Emirati students. The results showed that almost all schools – except for three – are providing at least an ‘acceptable’ level of education. In fact, half of the evaluated schools are providing a ‘good’ or even better education.

When we look at Emirati students, the news is also positive. 64% of these students are receiving a ‘good’ or better education at their schools. Almost all Emirati students are receiving at least an ‘acceptable’ education, with only eight students attending a school rated lower than ‘acceptable’.

But the really exciting news is the progress that’s been made. The results show a substantial 68% improvement in school performance compared to the evaluations in 2018 and 2019. Student performance has also seen a boost since the last assessment.

So, hats off to the schools, teachers, and students of Sharjah for their hard work and dedication to education. Keep up the good work!