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According to The National Business Section on November 11, 2014,  school operators in the UAE are struggling to recruit enough trained teachers to fill thousands of new positions.

The article notes that there is a scarcity of good teachers, which large private school operators such as Gems Education and Sabis, which runs the International School of Choueifat, say is driving investment in teacher training.

This shortage of highly qualified educators has resulted in some schools offering higher salaries. This shortage is countrywide and is also affecting schools in the Northern Emirates.

Dubai’s education sector is expanding rapidly and it is estimated that there may be an increase of approximately 366, 000 pupils across 250 schools in the year 2020, according to statements made by the KHDA.

A major challenge that operators also face is that of the increase in living expenses in the UAE. This has led to some instances of teacher attrition. School operators are now looking at creative ways in which they can train and retain good teachers.


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