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Schools celebrate the 43rd UAE National Day with pride and joy, announces the Abu Dhabi Education Council

It is that time of the year, 2nd of December, when all students across both public and private schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi celebrate unity, chant nationalistic songs, dance, and take part in different traditional activities that highlight their love and appreciation for the UAE.

As part of Abu Dhabi Education Council’s (ADEC’s) eagerness to enhance nationality identity, heritage and culture among students, all 255 public schools and 185 private schools across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi were encouraged to take part in celebrating the joyous event.

Boys and girls, Emiratis and Expatriates, every single child/student, teacher, administrator, school principal, and parent will take part in celebrating the UAE’s 43rd National Day under the slogan “Spirit of The Union” for one week, from Sunday November 23rd 2014 till December 1st 2014.

During the week, students will be singing the UAE National Anthem, regardless of which country they are from.

Many schools have organised an programme where a chorus comprised of students will sing different patriotic songs about the UAE, expressing their loyalty, love, togetherness and happiness towards the country that has not only helped raise generations, but has welcomed and accommodated every national, resident, and tourist alike.

Many schools have taken initiative in creating their own exclusive song about the UAE National Day and intend on distributing it to the community during the week. One of the public schools will be singing a song about the UAE President, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in three different languages: French, English and Arabic.

Other schools will be reciting poems that highlight the old and new theme for the UAE, with emphasis on the old kiosks, tents, huts, and cloths. Poems will touch upon the importance of the camel, horses and how Emirati’s used to live their lives in the past versus the new buildings in place today, such as the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Al Jahili Citadel and Burg Khalifa.

Schools will turn their playgrounds and outdoor sports fields into traditional Emirati villages, where different Emirati food, coffee, henna painting, art and craft will be displayed and offered to parents and members of the public in old traditional Emirati kiosks, a Maglis and tents.

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Everyone is welcome to take part in the festive event, and celebrate with students who have worked for months to offer the various activities on display in their schools.

With the help of each Art and Social Departments across schools, many students designed 3D structures expressing UAE civilisation from the past till this very day, displaying pictures of the Arab tower, Al Jahelia Castle and the Burg Khalifa.

Many students’ were involved in painting something special about the UAE on occasion of the 43rd National Day using different cultural landmarks such as palm trees, camels, a falcon, the UAE flag and the UAE president.

Students used various means of painting, such as oil painting, water colors or acrylic painting. Some students displayed their pictures using Emirati sand. Other students displayed their passion towards the UAE president by using paper and colored pencils.

All paintings/pictures/portraits will be displayed on school wall corridors or in the school yard during the next week. Members of the public are welcome to visit and take a look at the paintings.

Male schools will take part in the traditional UAE “Yola” dance to bring life and excitement to the event. Other students will perform both the “Yola” dance and the Ayala (a dance performed by two rows facing one another) with females swaying their long-dense flattering hair from one side to the other in their colorful fancy dresses. These performances will take place in different schools and during visits to other neighboring schools. The whole idea is to share the happy performance with students from other schools and keep them as entertained as those involved.

As part of their pride and joy, some school students will dress in red, green, white and black, the colors of the UAE flag, during a lively folklore performance.

A helicopter will also be flying over certain schools and releasing red, green, white and black balloons, to represent colors of the UAE flag.

Some students will also take part in military performances throughout the week where they will display different life skills and military drills. A military musical performance will also take place in different schools and in various public areas.

Private school students are becoming more familiar with the joyous annual event, especially since schools have dedicated a whole week to express their dedication towards the UAE. Many of these schools will perform a theatrical play where they will demonstrate the various achievements and changes evident in the UAE through simplistic role-playing.

In order to publicize their efforts and share their happy activity with members of the public, many schools chose to gather together and display their activity across malls or in different public and private entities in the UAE.

Small souvenirs and gifts will also be distributed during field visits by students to different entities.