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Longer lashes

Plump lips

Blemish free complexion…

The list goes on. If you are like most women who have spent as little time as possible trying to figure out just how to apply make-up, then this one is for you. We have taken the time to find the quickest, simplest ways to get you looking fabulous and make-up ready with these simple unconventional steps.

You Are Amazing!

There is a misguided few who believe that an educator can not  be glamorous. A gorgeous educator is taboo. This may have been the case centuries ago. Today, educators are professionally chic and borderline fabulous inside the classroom.   Since teaching is considered to be such a highly stressful job, it helps to look your best so as to feel great while doing your job.  A lot of the times we get so caught up with the images of beauty in the media that we lose sight of just how unique and wonderful we are. We all have different shapes, sizes, heights, personalities and idiosyncrasies that help to defines us. Identifying our individual beauty is important to how we present ourselves. It speaks to our confidence. The real way to feel beautiful begins with accepting one’s own beauty.

Focus On You

What shape is your face? What is your skin’s undertone? What is the shape of your eyes, the colour? What size are your lips and which shades complement you best? How does your haircut fit into the mix of all this? How does the colour of your hair affect what make-up you wear and should it? These may seem like too many questions but if you really want to improve your “make-up” game, it’s time you started to pay attention to yourself. You may not need a full face make-up for the classroom but it may be worth considering for a soirée or other social events. The trick is to choose the occasion and to focus on enhancing the features that you have instead of dramatically changing them.

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Get The Professional Touch

Sometimes it helps to get professional tips and advice as to what look may suit you best. If you are not confident about what your skin’s undertone is or what colours would best suit you, consult with a professional. If you really want to have a fun past time, you can even treat yourself to make-up lessons. Some persons learn easily and may just require a visual or written guide to apply make-up. There are numerous videos online for make-up application that are done by professionals and are free! Some persons do not require a lot of make-up to look stunning. Others simply need instructions on how to use the make-up they have in order to be memorable. Some persons really do not need make-up. A professional perspective is great at pointing out just what to do, how to do it, what is required and how to minimise the time in getting the best results.

Do It

It is easy to get discouraged or to dismiss the benefits of enhancing one’s beauty. From head to toe, all the little things add up to create a look that can be wholesome or amazing. We are different persons at different points of the day. In the classroom the educator is imparting knowledge and facilitating learning experiences. In the staff room, the educator is socializing with colleagues and can be a bit more relaxed. In the hours after school with friends, an educator is developing and maintaining relationships with others. At a soirée, the educator is networking and is more relaxed and outgoing. In each setting, we show different aspects of our personality. Try out different looks. Take the time to experiment with your features, wardrobe and ways to style your hair. After a while with much practice, you will look your best in the least possible time and have heads turning to look at the fabulous new you!

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