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In Dubai, the standard of education in Indian curriculum schools has seen a significant rise. Currently, 83% of students are enrolled in schools with a rating of ‘Good’ or better, a noticeable increase from the 73% reported in the previous academic year. This represents an enhancement in educational quality for an additional 15,000 students.

Out of the 32 Indian curriculum schools assessed this year, a total student population of 94,499 was recorded. Noteworthy progress has been made, with four schools elevating their status from ‘Acceptable’ to ‘Good’. Furthermore, there has been no regression in the ratings of any schools. The ratings reveal one school achieving ‘Outstanding’, 10 securing a ‘Very Good’ rating, 14 assessed as ‘Good’, and seven categorized as ‘Acceptable’.

Dr. Abdulla Al Karam, Director General of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), commented on the improvements, emphasizing that high-quality education is crucial for Dubai’s ambitious economic and population growth goals. He envisions Dubai as a premier global education hub, starting with excellence in every school and classroom. Dr Al Karam expressed gratitude towards the Indian curriculum schools for their contribution to creating an educational environment that embodies the spirit of innovation and excellence that Dubai is known for.

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Last year’s inspections introduced an emphasis on student wellbeing, and the current reports show that 91% of Indian curriculum schools are providing commendable wellbeing services.

Fatma Belrehif, CEO of the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau, remarked on the expansion of Dubai’s private education sector and the consequent increase in families’ access to high-quality education. She highlighted the significant rise in the percentage of students attending ‘Good’ or better schools since the first inspections in the 2009-10 academic year. The focus remains on improving the quality of education annually.

Fatma Belrehif, CEO of the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau

The inspection reports have been released earlier than usual to aid parents in making informed decisions, offering valuable insights into the best schooling options for their children. Additionally, two schools following the Pakistani curriculum received an ‘Acceptable’ rating.

Detailed individual parent summaries and full inspection reports are readily available on the KHDA website and mobile app.

Key Insights:

32 Indian curriculum schools underwent inspection.
83% of students are enrolled in schools rated ‘Good’ or better.
78% of Indian curriculum schools received a ‘Good’ or better rating.
91% of the schools offer commendable wellbeing services.
Four schools have shown improvement since the last inspection.
There are 94,499 students enrolled in the inspected Indian curriculum schools.”