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STAGE from Manifest XR,  a leading innovator in educational technology, hosted an enlightening webinar in association with Teach Middle East on May 23rd, 2024. The event showcased the transformative impact of immersive learning technologies on modern education. A diverse panel of experts shared their insights and experiences in leveraging virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

‘Immersive technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of educational practice.

It was fantastic to be involved in the webinar, and I loved hearing the individual stories from the incredible team of educators we had presenting their personal journeys on STAGE technology. Simply put, STAGE is a ‘must have’. Lindsay West: Founder of STAGE Technology

Innovative Platform: Stage

The webinar commenced with Lindsay West, Co-Founder of STAGE, introducing the unique web-based platform designed to empower educators and students alike. “STAGE enables educators to create and deliver immersive experiences, primarily through VR, that significantly enhance engagement and retention of knowledge,” West explained. Currently, 20 institutions in the United Kingdom utilise STAGE, generating hundreds of immersive experiences weekly.

Transformative Case Studies

Stacey Vipas, Assistant Principal, Askham Bryan College, highlighted the college’s innovative use of VR and AR. She demonstrated how students engage with virtual mental health and wellbeing environments, co-create augmented reality resources, and even collaborate with industry partners to tackle real-world challenges, such as the spruce bark beetle threat. “Our Digital Skills Academy is constantly buzzing with activity, and the feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive,” Vipas noted.

Hannah Ward, a digital instructor at Boston College, shared her journey from VR novice to creator. She detailed how the STAGE platform transformed traditional learning materials into dynamic VR experiences, from crime scene investigations for public services students to virtual work experiences in construction. “The learners’ confidence and eagerness to immerse themselves in VR have been incredible to witness,” Hannah said.

Dr Rana Parween, Senior lecturer at University Centre Askham Bryan, showcased how she uses STAGE to teach complex subjects like biochemistry and genetics through interactive VR labs. Her innovative approach has significantly boosted student engagement and comprehension. “Students who initially found biochemistry daunting are now enjoying themselves in the virtual lab, reinforcing their learning through hands-on activities,” she explained.

Global Reach: Implementing VR in Diverse Educational Contexts

Smara Gharfoor, Head of STEAM at Misk Schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, discussed their pioneering efforts to integrate VR into secondary education. Collaborating with STAGE, her team is creating customised content to address challenging concepts in various subjects, aligning with their high-performance learning objectives. “Our vision is to enhance learning using technology, ensuring it is truly impactful and accessible for all students,” Gharfoor emphasised.

A Bright Future for Immersive Learning

Alex West, co-founder of Manifest XR, showcased how easy it is to create a virtual reality experience in STAGE and highlighted the fact that the software is not only for technology teachers but for all teachers and all grade levels.

‘To accelerate the adoption of immersive technology in education, it is critical to empower educators and students to fully engage and create their own experiences and content.

STAGE is the tool for this. The region has such an incredible future vision, and STAGE is 100% complimentary to it.’ Alex West, Founder of Manifest XR

The webinar concluded with a Q&A session, during which participants interacted with the speakers and gained further insights into the applications and benefits of immersive learning technologies.

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About Stage

Stage is an innovative educational technology company dedicated to enhancing teaching and learning through immersive experiences. Their platform empowers educators to create and deliver VR and AR content that engages students and improves learning outcomes.

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