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Schools in the UAE will be closed for four weeks starting on March 8, 2020, as a preventative measure to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus.  During this time schools will be required to facilitate home learning for at least two weeks out of the four. Many schools have already put plans in place, while others are still searching for the right resources to help them in this endeavour.

Below is a list of resources which can help make this period less stressful for both teachers and students. Many paid-for applications are also now being made available free of charge during this period. Take time to go through the list and feel free to contact us with more resources as they become available so that we can keep this list updated.

  1. Google classrooms:
  2. Seesaw:
  3. Century Tech: or email
  4. Eduten (Finland Math): or
  5. Seppo: or
  6. Class Dojo:
  7. Education City:
  8. Adobe Connect:
  9. Microsoft Teams:
  10. Kahoot:
  11. Padlet:
  12. Screencastify:
  13. Mangahigh:
  14. Tabbiemath:
  15. Texthelp (readandwrite):
  16. Frog play from Frog Education:
  17. Flipgrid:
  18. Kinteract –
  19. Freeed-
  20. Teacherly- or email
  21. GoBubble | KidSafe social media- GoBubble.School or email
  22. GCSEPod- or email
  23. Springpad-
  24. Grade-wise-
  25. Literacy Pro and Literacy Pro Library-– Email
  26. Doddle- – Email

EdTech Influencers and Consultants are also on hand to assist. Below is a list of experts that you can contact for help:

  1. Steve Bambury:
  2. Abdul Choran:
  3. Mark Anderson (ICTEvangelist):
  4. George Stokes:

Please email if you would like to add a resource to this list.