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Glass of water with ice, mint and lime

It’s the final trimester of the year and with this comes the unrelenting summer heat. A great solution for coping with this is to ensure that we remain amply hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration, besides making us thirsty, can result in feelings of tiredness, headaches, dizziness, constipation and dry skin. Normally, it is suggested that we have eight glasses of water every day. The desert heat, however, necessitates going beyond what is suggested. When living in places with extremely high temperatures or even colder climates  adding a few extra glasses to the recommended number would not go amiss.

This may be a challenge for some persons, especially those who find the taste of water too bland or boring, and can lead to them consuming artificially-flavoured, sugary drinks to quench their thirst. These types of drinks do hit the spot but the additives they contain do not necessarily support a healthy diet. Furthermore, if the drinks have high levels of caffeine this will further dehydrate the body, thus defeating the purpose.

One way to make water more appealing is to naturally flavour it with fruits and herbs. Infused water, as this method of flavouring water is called, has become somewhat of a trend these days, one which is actually good  to adopt. Infusion makes the water taste more flavourful while increasing our intake of the vitamins that have transferred into it from the fruits or herbs used.

Here is a basic recipe for creating infused water:

1.5 litres water

½ lemon (sliced)

4-5 mint leaves

Place the lemon and mint leaves in a jug. Add the water to the jug and place the mixture into a refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before serving.

Other common ingredients to use are: fresh basil, berries, cucumbers, limes, oranges and ginger. Have a go at creating your own blend of infused water by adding or swapping out any of these ingredients with those in the above recipe.

Including infused water in our daily routine gives us a healthy alternative to plain water.  Go ahead and try it, so you can feel and be at your best despite the summer heat. Drink up!

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By Richie Chin