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It’s not easy juggling a full load of classes while always looking your best.  It may seem challenging at first but it is definitely possible. Setting up a beauty routine is part of a healthy self-care plan that supports a demanding, busy lifestyle. A fulltime job is no excuse to let yourself go.  With some preparation and simple, practical products, you can feel confident inside and outside of the classroom in as little as 10 minutes.

Below are some quick makeup tips you can apply anytime:


This is your fix-it-all weapon. You don’t need to grab the whole makeup case or the entire Sephora lipstick palette. Spend your time finding an everyday lipstick colour that is low maintenance, subtle and provides tons of moisture.  Look for top quality lipstick, like Revlon or MAC, that lasts for hours, without constant reapplication. Shades of warm browns and reds, even nudes give you a fresh pop of colour and look good on most skin tones.


Apply foundation in the morning, only once for the day. It is best to use a sheer, clean foundation or one with a soft tint like Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer. Keep this very low maintenance. The last thing you need is to worry about touching up your foundation in between classes.  Set it and forget it.

Cheek stain

This is much easier to apply than foundation. The right kind lets you skip foundation altogether. Cheek stains give your cheekbones a nice, light flush of colour and leaves a sun-kissed, healthy look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades until you find one that you love. A dab on each cheek in the morning is all it takes. Try Tarte; it is available online.


Are you meeting a friend for coffee after work or just want to feel confident or sassy again? A few swipes of mascara will open your eyes and bring them back to life. Apply mascara mid-day or afternoon than first thing in the morning.  If you apply it too early, you may end up with raccoon eyes before lunch from rubbing and moisture. Choose durable, waterproof mascara. Any major brand will do but look for thickening, lengthening and volumising options.


Don’t leave home without it. If you don’t have time for even 10 minutes, lip-gloss saves the day. Avoid clumpy, syrupy lip-gloss that sticks on instead of glides. Go for one that lasts with a hint of colour, moisturising benefits and long-staying power. On bad days, glossy lips make it look like you pulled yourself together effortlessly.

Makeup bag

Keep a small, separate makeup bag for work with minimal items like lipstick and mascara. That way you don’t have to find the lipstick you wore to the Friday brunch. Your “work lipstick” will be in your bag waiting for you in the morning. This bag will always have the same items, everyday and save you tons of time and frustration.

Good self-care starts with good habits. Find your favourite products, buy them in bulk and use them again and again. You don’t have to invest in a professional makeover or spend hundreds on the latest makeup trends. True beauty is within but sometimes a look in the mirror can make us feel good all by itself.

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By Maryann Reid