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Teachers, for the people around us to truly understand our value, we need to stand and be counted. We need to make sure that we support each other, collaborate and reinforce in each other, our true passion for education.

We’re teachers.

We’re the ones sharing our love for learning. We’re the specialists passing on precious knowledge to the next generation – giving them the tools, critical thinking skills and know-how, which is transforming education and making the world better. We’re the ones who adapt to so many new and different learning environments. Teachers are the most flexible professionals on the face of the earth.

We embrace technology and confidently continue to master new techniques ensuring that each and every classroom delivery is of the highest quality possible. We take challenges in our stride and encourage and motivate students. We celebrate their success and support them throughout each learning experience. We give them guidance, love and stability together with the absolute and ultimate attention they deserve. We design personalized learning experiences, engage with parents and guardians, share our suggestions and recommendations with the school management team giving them insight on new methods of teaching and technology, which will enhance learning environments. We collaborate with other true professionals, who like us have a passion for teaching and a love for learning.

Let us celebrate who we are. Share this blog post and empower other teachers. Remind your family and circle of friends that your profession is what will make the world a better place.

This is who we are. We’re #ProudTeachers!


About Sabrina Mulligan

Sabrina Mulligan, is a passionate education enthusiast and content producer. She is inspired by young minds, a promoter of lifelong learning and an advocate of the use of technology in the classroom.