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The last couple of weeks have been pleasantly cool here, and the bite from the frost gives us a little taste of home. However, while enjoying the chilled weather, work does still exist. I’m realising that in order to remain healthy so as to perform optimally requires staying hydrated, taking vitamins, planning ahead and bringing healthy snacks to work.

We live in the desert. While it is cool in the mornings, by the afternoon the temperature is much warmer. Depending upon where you are from, the inconsistent changes in the weather can really weigh you down. Water and vitamins have been my friends of late. The health bugs that attacked me during the first term are being defeated now because of my new health regimen.

Almonds, cashews, granola, yogurt! Pack these goodies in your bags for work. Some days there is limited time to eat, and break sometimes consist of meetings, parent conferences, and helping students. Pack a healthy snack. It’s that simple.

Another point of advice, (I learned the hard way) whenever you have down time, plan! I cannot overstate the importance of this. The students are sweet and at times aggressive. You must have your lesson plans and classroom management in place. Have a plan for them because if you don’t, indeed, they will have a plan for you!

Taking care of yourself and planning ahead will help you to get ahead. It will also give you room for those fun things outside of work that you enjoy doing!