Planning To Leave Teaching? Things You Should Consider Before You Resign With David Keating

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Are you thinking of leaving teaching?

Every year at this time many thousands of teachers leave the profession. What is causing them to leave? is leaving the profession the right solution? In this episode of the Teach Middle East Podcast, we speak with David Keating an educator in Dubai, who recently left teaching but is coming right back within six months.  We discuss why so many teachers are leaving and whether or not the grass is really greener on the other side.

Bio: David Keating hails from Cork City in the Republic of Ireland. He has been working in international education for over eight years as both a secondary school English teacher and Education Consultant. David is particularly interested in teacher observation culture in schools, which was the subject of his Master’s thesis for his MBA in Educational Leadership. This program also inspired him to investigate the impact of technology in the classroom and digital pedagogy and led to writing “Looking in the Post-Covid Crystal Ball: Utopian and dystopian possibilities for Dubai private schools offering synchronous blended learning.” This co-authored piece won an “Outstanding Paper Award” at the TCC Online Conference hosted by the University of Hawaii. David is currently working as an English teacher in Deira International School in Dubai.

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