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Dressing for the job does not have to mean stressing over fashion. A major advantage of working in this region is that teachers do not have to suffer through a daily fashion show. Female teachers are encouraged to wear an abaya to work leaving them with only the need to accessorise, if they so choose. If you happen to work in a school where you do not wear an abaya, having something you can confidently grab out the closet in a flash is essential. Teachers can quickly organise a few main pieces of clothing to create a “uniform”. Therefore, there is no more closet shame over what you don’t have, or what doesn’t look right. There are 3 basic principles to keep in mind to help make your mornings flow smoothly and get you dressed in less than 5 minutes, guaranteed.


Keep your colours solid, and avoid patterns. Purchasing items of clothing in solid colours like blacks, blues, greens, browns and greys make your early mornings fast and convenient. You can mix and match without thinking about the latest colour trends or if polka dots go with stripes. Later, throw in the occasional orange or pink to liven up your outfit. Bottoms should always be 1 or 2 colours. For example, black and beige can hold any wardrobe together. You can interchange them with loose coloured tops.


A quality, pashmina scarf is a girl’s best accessory when pulling together a clean, comfortable, stylish look. Choose scarves in colours you love. You can be more adventurous here, as long as they are well made. A long, lovely pashmina will make it look like you have on a different outfit everyday even if your bottoms and tops are the same. It immediately shifts an outfit from average to absolutely classic. Scarves make you feel instantly secure and appropriately covered in a conservative work environment. Stylish, but simple options for loose fitting pants include boho/bohemian style that are loose in the hips and can either be fitted at the ankles or wide legged.


The hours a teacher spends on her feet are more than the average worker. Teaching is physical labour. Choose well-made quality flats in neutral, light colours like tan, grey or beige. The black flat is nice, but neutrals make an outfit pop. It complements a clean look. At some point, you can throw in a pair of cute red flats when the basics are covered.

In all, two solid boho pants, two solid long skirts, five long blouses with long sleeves, and six pashminas are all you need to pull off a fifteen- piece capsule wardrobe. This limited amount requires great care of your clothes to make them last the whole school year. Avoid too much ironing or over washing, and hang up clothes immediately when you get home. The night before, pull out a pair of pants and top, lay out your scarf, and shoes. Preparing your outfit from the night before significantly reduces the time spent getting dressed in the morning. Kiss closet shame goodbye, and say hello to keeping your style simple and classy.

By Maryann Reid

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