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Technology has long been used within education to enhance the learning environment and support student engagement. Although, over the last year, teachers and students have been relying on technology more than ever to support learning continuity. With technology now commonly used to support new hybrid teaching models, attention turns to appropriate technology training for teachers. With this in mind, Dr John Collick, Head of International Education Strategy at Promethean, examines how to help teachers feel more confident with technology and how best to use it with lesson delivery – wherever learning is taking place.

The last academic year saw teachers reacting at pace to the ever-changing requirements of the learning environment.

Despite the resounding efforts made to maintain education continuity, one thing became abundantly clear – students thrive in social settings and learn most effectively when in the classroom with their teacher and peers.

That said, for the foreseeable future students are likely to be away from the classroom for at least some periods of time. As such, it is vital that teachers have the tools, resources and confidence to deliver lessons that ensure equity and access for all students. The best starting point for achieving this is to explore what teachers need from their EdTech provisions and provide access to relevant training that promotes best practice.

Unique insights from educators

As a global education technology company, Promethean remains close to schools and teachers, listening intently to their challenges and evolving requirements. By directly engaging with influential educators from across the region, Promethean has identified some common trends, particularly in relation to training.

Despite the initial transition period, the majority of educators agreed that the current situation facing schools has resulted in the ability to create a collaborative and diverse community in which teachers share expertise. Pioneering the use of new software and hardware, it became a necessity for teachers to adapt their technological skills to support pedagogical changes as well as bolster lesson delivery.

Turning to social media to share their lesson ideas and open up channels of communication amongst educators and technology providers, teachers sought to enhance their personal skills in order to adapt to this new way of working quickly and effectively.

When communicating the pressures faced by educators in the Middle East, it was common opinion that training needed to go beyond technology. Due to the unique challenges facing the sector, teachers required support to navigate the changes and continue to deliver the best education provision for their learners. Training on how to support the shift from classroom to hybrid was fundamental and teachers required additional help on managing workloads, stress levels and uncertainty.

With education at the very core of its business, Promethean pioneered a range of focused strategies to deliver training and support where it was needed most.

Releasing potential with the Resource Hub

Creating an online environment for sharing innovative ideas, finding inspiration and accessing practical advice, Promethean recently launched a new Resource Hub in the Middle East.

As the ‘go-to’ destination for pedagogical guidance and practical tips to support EdTech innovation in the classroom and beyond, the Resource Hub gives teachers a regular content stream of ideas to help improve student engagement and use technology to the best of their abilities.

For those just beginning with Promethean technology, the Resource Hub contains blogs that not only help teachers get to grips with lesson delivery software, ActivInspire, but show them how to incorporate this effectively into lessons. While the ActivPanel is the connected hub of a modern classroom, it has a range of digital tools and apps which can help teachers to support students learning at home.

For example, the ActivPanel has a pre-loaded app, Screen Share, which enables teachers to connect the interactive flat panel display with up to 39 digital devices. Sharing up to four screens on the ActivPanel at any one time, this can support teachers to discuss work and share information to student devices, even if they are away from the classroom. Also, with Screen Recorder functionality, ActivInspire enables teachers to record lessons, talking students through the key learning points and modelling actions on the screen. Once the recording is complete, educators can share these recordings with students as video files on the school’s preferred platforms.

Even if a teacher doesn’t have Promethean technology in their classroom or school, the Resource Hub is packed full of advice and guest blogs from educators around the region who share their thoughts and experience on a range of key EdTech topics.

Delivering virtual training

Beyond the digital platform of Resource Hub, Promethean supports teachers to make the most of their EdTech investments with a range of ActivPanel training sessions tailored to schools’ specific needs – which are now more easily accessible through a virtual programme.

The flexible sessions provide practical advice on developing essential ActivPanel skills for lesson delivery, giving educators an opportunity to ask questions and explore new ways of encouraging participation in lessons.

Helping teachers to adopt a digital first approach, the training sessions also establish how the ActivPanel and its software can support when switching between classroom and remote delivery, helping to save valuable time and reduce workload pressures.

Partnering for education development

Where schools require more comprehensive training, Promethean has launched a programme which provides access to quality technology training on a local level. Delivered through the Promethean partner network, the certified training programme equips partners with the appropriate skills, knowledge and expertise to offer valuable, tailored sessions that satisfy schools’ individual and complex requirements.

Giving teachers the skills to effectively utilise Promethean hardware and software, the training sessions deep dive into the potential of the ActivPanel and provide best practice advice on how to encourage collaboration remotely and in the classroom.

Technology has long played a key role in education, but it is now more fundamental than ever for maintaining education continuity and keeping students engaged when away from school, especially for prolonged periods of time. As time and budgets are limited resources in education, giving teachers access to flexible training tools will be pivotal in helping them to develop the right skills and confidence when it comes to making the best use of the technology.

To find out more about the Promethean ActivPanel, register for a demonstration or a free training session here.

Box Out

The last twelve months have seen schools face huge upheavals and educators have been responding, at all levels, to explore new ways of facilitating effective teaching and learning.

To explore the impact this has had on education, Promethean hosted a virtual round table which brought together influential educators from across the Middle East region. The representatives from Iraq, Lebanon, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates shared a wealth of key learnings, common experiences and ideas for moving forward, including:

  • The skills and competencies teachers need for the modern classroom
  • The importance of training
  • The measures that have been taken to digitise resources across regions
  • How schools can adapt to these changes going forward
  • Positive learning outcomes from the regions

To find out more please visit the Middle East Resource Hub now!