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 shopping in città

I remember way back when I bought my first pair of gauchos.  They were orange and flouncy.  I loved them, and I probably wore them way too much.  I’ve been waiting forever and a day for something similar to come back into style.

I told myself I wouldn’t buy much for the move to Abu Dhabi.  I know the stores there already have everything and more, but you see I’m a woman, and I’m a woman who likes to shop. I’ve kind of been in shopper’s withdrawal for a while because we went through this fashion phase of micro minis and skinny, low waist jeans.  I’m cool with my over-40-and-yes-I-love-bread figure, but it’s totally not cool with last year’s show-all styles.  Soooo, it’s been a while since I’ve bought myself clothes.

That all changed when I shopped around for my conservative interview attire.  I ended up buying three outfits (hey …it’s all about contingency planning) —- oddly enough the one I wore, hasn’t been worn since (my inner fashionista must’ve deemed it shrine worthy).  Anyway, I also bought this pair of pants with polka dots.  I didn’t know what they were called at the time, but they were like pajama pants except I could wear them in public.  Even better they made me feel like that girl who loved the way her gauchos flared, so I recently went back to the store where they were purchased, walked to the magical aisle and just stood in awe.  The pants had multiplied.  They had all kinds of colors and patterns and oh my goodness, I bought like five pairs.  Next to the pants were rows of maxi skirts and dresses, and I just couldn’t help myself.  I bought some of those too.  Oh and they even had long blouses that draped over your gravity-fighting bottom.  Now, everywhere I look there are palazzo pants and hit-the-floor hemlines.  I put my credit card in timeout since it kept teasing me with its available credit.

My son shakes his head when I wear my new clothes, and my students love it when I twirl to show off the full effect of those wild patterns.  Finally, clothes are fun to buy again and the fact that they partner nicely with what is respectful to wear in the UAE is just another sign that this is my year to make the big move.  Watch out world because I’m bringing a 50-pound suitcase full of flounce and flair.

I'm so glad I got these!
I’m so glad I got these!

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