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Meet the Teach UAE Magazine contributors!

Jan L. Jones
Jan L. JonesDr. Jones (Ph.d.) has 10 years of full time teaching and advising experience in leisure, sustainable tourism and global education. Her research has taken her to Cuba, Portugal, Germany, Ireland, Jordan, Jamaica, Cyprus, and Crete.


PreSha Barnes
PreSha BarnesPreSha Barnes has been an educator for the past seven (7) years. She is very passionate about writing and teaching. PreSha is a Teach UAE Magazine Contributor and Blogger.



Maryann Reid
Maryann ReidMaryann Reid, an educator from New York, has a passion for writing stories that address the lifestyle concerns of busy, successful women. She is an award winning author, international speaker and PR strategist. For more on Ms Reid, visit her website at

Aaron Crotty
AARON CROTTYAaron is a certified Senior Financial Planner with over seven (7) years experience in the financial industry. Originally based in the UK, Aaron has enjoyed an illustrious career in which he has functioned in a number of senior advisory and managerial roles…including that of Financial Advisor with leading UK bank NatWest. Mr Crotty is based in Dubai where he has utilised  expertise representing Guardian Life Management. In his current role at Arlo Associates, Aaron advises fellow professional expats on every aspect of their financial planning needs. He is perfectly placed to ensure his clients’ financial plans become a reality.


Betina Fuentes
Betina FuentesBetina Fuentes is a middle school English teacher from Florida. She will be traveling to the UAE in August as a Cycle 2 EMT for ADEC. She is an avid reader, writer, wife and mother to four children. Follow her on her journey by checking out her blog: Fishy Trees. (


Simon Noakes

Simon is the CEO and Founder of Interactive Schools. A father of 4, he founded Interactive Schools in 2006. He utilises his experience and passion for strategic marketing, thought leadership, social media, brand values, technology and innovative thinking to assist schools in telling their unique #SchoolStories. Tweet him @SimonNoakes


Mostafa Hassan


Mostafa (ArabBaba) is a teacher by profession. He has been an Arab Stay-At-Home-Baba (Dad) to his two daughters. He is also a blogger, who is on a mission to prove that Parental Engagement is vital to the process of children’s education. For more on ArabBaba visit



Chassie Selouane
Chassie Selouane

Ms. Chassie Selouane has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre & Education, a Master’s of Education Degree- Curriculum Instruction with a specialisation in ESL. She is currently writing her dissertation and is 2016 PHD in TESOL candidate and is the Director of Learning at SAIS-Dubai.


Gianna Ulyatt

Gianna Ulyatt


Gianna has extensive experience as a teacher, principal, and inspector. She is a consultant with expertise in KG and has spoken at conferences in Hong Kong, Spain and the U.K. She sometimes works in the UAE. To connect with her, email


Lisa Fátimah

Lisa F Amorer Headshot 2


As an Orton-Gillingham trained Learning Specialist, Lisa-Fátimah specializes in designing multisensory English and Spanish language development lessons, modifications and assessments for traditional and Dyslexic students. Lisa-Fátimah’s radio shows highlight the primacy of girls’ education, bilingualism and world language acquisition for a global audience.

Maarit Rossi

Mrs. Rossi is a Math teacher, principal and CEO of Paths to Math Ltd. She was one of the top 10 finalists in the Global Teacher Prize 2016. She is one of the Top Teacher Bloggers in The Global Search for Education by C M Rubin. Twitter: @pathstomath. Under article: Website: www.pathstomath. com, Facebook: Paths to Math – Maarit Rossi and Twitter: @pathstomath