No More Hiding: Why You Should Start Promoting Yourself Now With Gemma Stow

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Many people think that self-promotion should be avoided. Teachers, especially, female teachers, often hide away in the shadows because they think that if they shout about the great work they are doing, they may be seen as arrogant or conceited. This episode of the Teach Middle East Podcast is dedicated to anyone who is reluctant to promote themselves. Leisa Grace speaks with Gemma Stow. Gemma is a self-promotion expert. She explains why self-promotion is essential and why you should be doing it.

Bio Gemma Stow: Gemma is a self-promotion expert who specialises in working with female leaders to support them to reach their next level. She understands the importance of performance and visibility so uses high-level coaching techniques to help her clients find the confidence to own their expertise.

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