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Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) announced the launch of a new Emirati Parents’ Support Centre on the first day of the new academic year. The centre will work under the theme “Together for the future”, in partnership with Dubai’s private schools.

Dr Abdulla Al Karam, chairman of the board of directors and director general of KHDA noted the initiative comes as part of efforts to implement the directives of UAE’s wise leadership aimed at ensuring all Emirati students in Dubai’s private schools receive ‘good’ or better quality education by 2021.

Dr Abdulla said, “The center is designed to be a community platform that enables regular interaction between parents and education experts with an emphasis on providing Emirati students with better opportunities to enrich their knowledge and skills.”

Fatma Al Marri, Executive Director of KHDA explained the new centre will collaborate with school principals to learn more about the needs of Emirati parents.

“We want Emirati parents to engage with their child’s school and work together with teachers and educators to serve and benefit young learners. This centre will be an important part of our efforts to boost effective partnership between schools and Emirati parents.”

Al Marri pointed out that the centre will further enhance the relationship between school principals and parents and promote new initiatives that can contribute to raising better awareness among parents about quality of education and how to choose schools.

The support centre for Emirati students will enable parents to support their children, while providing better education opportunities. It will also create new avenues for communication between parents, schools and policy makers, with new activities planned for the academic year.