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The Ministry of Education is drafting a new Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct that explicitly defines the teacher’s duties and rights in a manner that meets the requirements of the smooth learning process and the modern Emirati school and to maintain harmony and stability within the school community and protect it from any unacceptable practices.

Once approved, the new revised code which integrates the updated Code of Conduct for Learners, will be applied to all teachers in public and private schools following the ministry’s curricula.

The ministry will explore and probe ideas and proposals it will receive so as to come out with a proper code that is responsive to the imperatives of the modern time.

Hussain Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, said the enactment of the new code embodies the ministry’s vision for achieving the goals of effective education based on principles and ethics as well as duties and rights which will primarily define the nature of relationship between all parties to the learning process – teachers, learners, parents and administrators – within an environment characterised by mutual respect, commitment, trust and cooperation.

“The proposed code will regulate the learning process in consistence with the noble pedagogy’s imperatives, creating the Emirati schools that we all aspire for and which are free of improper behaviours and practices so as to build a generation of confident, outstanding students who are proud of their nation and have a sense of belonging to their nation and leadership,” the minister added.

The new code will define, among other objectives, basic requirements for recruitment, conduct, technical competencies, teacher’s professional and administrative responsibilities including maintenance of order and discipline and safety of learners as well as the teacher’s roles and obligations towards his students and school.

The new code also tasks the administrators with ensuring harmonious relationships within their respective learning communities.